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About PARAISO Realty

PARAISO Realty, one of the leading real estate developer in India, is a prestigious name in the field of real estate. It is into the business of real estate since 2 years. The company largely deals in residential and commercial properties located in Lucknow. It is most reputed builder to buy properties, flats and apartments. We are an independent infrastructure provider with committed customer base. Backed by a group of dynamic investors from India.

Today the PARAISO Realty is professionally managed by a team of qualified and dedicated professionals. It boasts of highly qualified and experienced managers who have great proficiency and expertise in the area of architectural design, project planning and its implementation, legal matters, procurement and marketing. The company is known for maintaining international quality construction standards and also for its ethics, transparency, reliability, professionalism and reflexivity.


We have been consistently providing the valued clients with unparalleled Real Estate Services. Our aim is to doing the same in the coming years also. We are not only setting new benchmarks but are aiming to become a beacon of excellence in the industry by meeting clients’ expectations and satisfying them to the fullest.


Paraisorealty pvt ltd . Philosophy is driven by our strength and knowledgeable and talented people who strive to work on areas along with principles such as


Paraisorealty Pvt. Ltd. , we ensure that a great deal of attention is given to customer relations. Our teams anticipate the needs of the clients and ensure them a positive experience beyond our expectations by systematic benchmarking and R&D practices. Our philosophy revolves around the customers & understanding and satisfying our needs.


With Strong in house team of architects, we strive to reach the core of perfection in our designs. Various brainstorming sessions, during the concept design, design verification and validation process, the FMEA's and the design reviews throughout the life cycle of our projects ensures zero defect products to our customers.


Paraisorealty pvt ltd housing the team believes in commitments and building long term relationships based on trust and honesty.


A concern for the environment is an integral part of the company's vision. Paraisorealty pvt ltd. is always committed to growth in consonance with the environment and all its projects stand a testimony to it.

Message from the Managing Director:

Message From Director
best plot At its core, the study of real estate should strongly reflect the interdisciplinary nature of the profession. Proficiency requires the ability to understand how all the pieces of the puzzle come together. Like the conductor of an orchestra, it is not necessary to know how to play all of the instruments, but each must be skillfully guided to play in perfect harmony. In the real estate orchestra, everyone has an instrument to play- from the lawyer, architect, engineer, construction manager, project manager, property manager to people in sales and marketing, leasing, finance and accounting; to name just a few. The very best in our industry challenge each other to play at their highest standard
Sandeep Kumar Srivastava
PARAISO Realty Pvt. Ltd.
Message From G.M
The dream that was shared between our visionary co-founders has seen us through four glorious decades of uplifting the quality of lives. This in turn, has put us in an enviable position of being the catalysts of change in the region. What started as a family business in many years , has now become a professionally managed organization with interests in diverse aspects of real estate. The key role that we have been playing is that of changing the behaviour patterns of people by introducing them to a certain lifestyle. Now we are geared to further this transition by donning an all new identity built on the same solid foundation of excellence, teamwork and commitment.
I invite you all to be a part of the “Paraiso Realty PVT. LTD” family. A heartiest welcome to all of you.....!
Satyendra Singh
PARAISO Realty Pvt. Ltd.